Resetting Your Drobo Device

You can reset your Drobo device back to its factory defaults.

Warning: Resetting your Drobo device erases all the data on the drives.

Note: For some Drobo devices, you may need to be logged in to perform this action.

1.     In Drobo Dashboard on the All Devices page, double-click on the Drobo device which you would like to reset.

The Capacity and Tools page for that Drobo device appears.

2.     From the Tools drop-down list, select the Reset icon.

The Erase Confirmation dialog page appears.


3.     If you are sure you would like to proceed, in the text box, type ERASE and click the Confirm button.

Your Drobo device gets reset to its factory settings, which can take a few minutes. Once complete, this Drobo device no longer displays in Drobo Dashboard.

If the Drobo device remains powered on and connected to your host computer (directly or indirectly through a network), Drobo Dashboard will re-discover the Drobo device as if it were new.

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